this article General copper provide the professional inner conductor solotion for our telecommunication clients from all over the world.

Product Description

read here Application field:

linked here Telephone drop wire,  Coaxial cable, CATV cable, Tracer wire,  Railway cable, Automotive cable,Consumer electronics

website link Size avaiblable:

الخيارات الثنائية 60 ثانية تجريبي 0.1mm-5mm Temper offered:

binära optioner skatt Hard drawn /Annealed binary options demokonto unbegrenzt Strength offered: Low carbon, High strength, Extra high strength.

opcje binarne comparic Standard: ASTM B227

binary 0 100 Package: Wire will be loaded on steel spool with 100kgs, 300kgs ,500kgs,750kgs per unit and put on plywood pallets which is suitable for sea transportation. (Both eye to wall and eye to sky is acceptable.)

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